How We Pick Our Winners

Contestants are eager to know whether they win or not. I must say, this is the most challenging stage in writing contests. As Dandy Writers is known for, we run monthly writing contests for creative writers, poets, story writers and screenwriters who are seeking more pathway to a successful writing career. When hundreds or thousands … Continue reading How We Pick Our Winners

Announcing Our November 2021 Winners

We will advice writers to always proofread and make sure, accurate words and punctuations are being used. It affects your score! Here are the winners for November 2021 DANDY WRITING contests: CONTESTSWINNERSSHORT STORY WRITING CONTESTArahat Muhammed(India)POETRY WRITING CONTESTPeter S.(India)50-WORD ESSAY CONTESTVictoria Adkins(United Kingdom)PHOTO WRITING CONTESTFendy K.(Kenya)100-WORD ESSAY CONTESTZayn Paul(United States of America)LONG STORY ESSAY CONTESTAmarachi … Continue reading Announcing Our November 2021 Winners