At Dandy Writers, we want to make sure that your works are safe.


We know how important your work is to you, and we take our responsibility to protect it seriously. We believe that there’s no greater motivation than knowing that you can trust us with your most cherished creations—and that nothing about them will ever be released outside of the privacy of the project itself.


That’s why we only use secure means of communication when working with clients, both before and after projects are done. For example:


When you share any information with us, it’s encrypted in a way that only you and we can access it.


All communication between us contains only what is necessary for the work at hand and nothing more.


At Dandy Writers, we value the privacy of our clients.


We don’t share your information with anyone, and we never will—not even after you’ve finished a project with us. We don’t want to be in the business of selling your work, we want to be in the business of helping you get it out there.


So when you share information about yourself (like what books you want us to write for you) or when you tell us about a project idea that might interest us, we keep it all safe and secure.