Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding our services that we may not have addressed on our page. Contact us at info@dandywriters.com if you can’t find the answer to your question here.

Answers to our Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who writes my content?

Content is the backbone of any successful project, and it’s important to have quality content written by trained professionals.
That’s why our team of writers are experts at their craft. They’re all graduates from top schools in the field and they have years of experience under their belts. Our writers are professionals—and they’re ready to tackle your next project with the same level of attention to detail that you’d expect from an award-winning reporter.
And don’t worry: we’ll check with you before anything is published on your site or submitted to you, so that you can make sure it’s exactly what you want and nothing more (or less). We know how important it is for brands to develop strong relationships with customers, so we’ll do everything we can to keep those conversations going between us!

  • Do you have a refund policy?

We do, indeed. Dandy Writers only provides refunds up to two hours after payment has been placed.

  • What is your privacy policy?

We promise to keep your information completely confidential, save for the bare minimum. More details are available here in our privacy statement.

  • How am I sure my work is original?

Our writers have years of experience, write from the heart, use references, and think creatively. As a result, we always do plagiarism checks using references in order to guarantee the originality of each piece of work we submit. Additionally, for our content writing and copywriting services, we utilize a premium Copyscape account.

  • Can I change my project deadline?

You can request deadlines, and we’ll try to abide by them. Additionally, we give each of our article writing projects a top priority. To provide you with the greatest content, our typical turnaround time varies depending on the word quantity.

  • Can you add images to my content?

We do, and all you need to do is mention it when placing your order. For reference, we also provide image links.

  • Can a specific writer write all my content?

Although all of our writers are qualified, if you have a preference, please let us know so we can assign the same content writer to your projects in order to satisfy you.

  • Who owns content copyright?

Copyrights are yours alone once you have paid for the service and received your work. Additionally, we do not request that we assert our ownership of your content. To help us expand our consumer base, we would appreciate it if you leave reviews.

  • Do you write any content?

For a range of niches, we specialize in content production and copywriting. This covers writing for digital marketing, sales copywriting, and more. Our writers are skilled professionals with a lot of expertise. However, we do not produce work that necessitates official training or experience, or pornographic material.

  • Are contracts limited?

No, contracts with Dandy Writers are not limited. We also provide a monthly billing cycle, which you are free to revoke at any moment before to the subsequent paying period. We can even agree on a long-term contract.

  • In what language is content written in?

Currently, all of our content is in English; however, we may think about expanding based on client requests and new writers.

  • Do you write SEO-friendly content?

Dandy Writers is fully skilled in producing articles that are search engine friendly. Yoast and SurferSEO are some of the SEO tools that our writers have been trained to use.

  • Do you give free trials?

No please! At the moment, we don’t offer free trials but we are very generous and give our clients up to 30% discount.

  • Do I pay anything at first?

Yes, in order to take advantage of the benefits that follow, we will need you to pay 50% of the indicated prices up front.

  • Oops! Is there something we didn’t answer?

For additional information, please contact us by email at info@dandywriters.com. You may also use our contact form or reach out to us via any of our social media profiles.