How To write A Good Story

A decent story catches your reader's consideration and leaves them needing more. To make a decent story, you should amend your work so that each sentence matters. Start your story by making paramount characters and illustrating a plot. Then, at that point, compose a first draft from start to finish. When you have your first … Continue reading How To write A Good Story

How to Write a Resignation Letter

Drafting a letter of resignation might seem like only another obstacle to cross before you can continue on to the following phase of your profession. Notwithstanding, similar to each part of leaving, it is vital to keep an expert methodology. Regardless of whether your supervisor explicitly request warning in writing, delivering a resignation letter can … Continue reading How to Write a Resignation Letter

6 Ways To Improve Your Writing Skill

Many individuals underrate the significance of having incredible writing skills. Peruse on to more deeply study how you work with the improvement of what is apparently perhaps the most basic skill to have; composed correspondence!In all honesty, writing, aside from the verbally expressed word, is one of the world's most seasoned types of correspondence that … Continue reading 6 Ways To Improve Your Writing Skill

Announcing Our December 2021 Winners

We will advice writers to always proofread and make sure, accurate words and punctuations are being used. It affects your score! Here are the winners for December 2021 DANDY WRITING contests: CONTESTSWINNERSSHORT STORY WRITING CONTESTHolland Kenneth(United Kingdom)POETRY WRITING CONTESTDion Albert(Canada)50-WORD ESSAY CONTESTSaanvi Daksh(India)PHOTO WRITING CONTESTJim Furler(Australia)100-WORD ESSAY CONTESTSylvania Beecroft(United States of America)LONG STORY ESSAY CONTESTIbe … Continue reading Announcing Our December 2021 Winners