What’s up fellow writers? We trust you all are doing great! Dandy Writers want to humbly express his profuse gratitude for all your supports so far.

Dandy Writers, as a Writing Company has been growing well, but, in all, they’ve been various challenges.

Don’t worry! It’s nothing too serious, but it’s serious 😭.

First of all, let’s talk about our Writing Contests. Running a consistent writing contest is a big deal. Sincerely, it’s been difficult for us, not because it’s meant to be, but because there’s been less funding. In total, we give out more than $1,000 in prizes monthly. And bitterly, we don’t get that much money from the fees paid. It’s hard to keep this going. And we’re currently checking if we should reduce the prize money or increase the entry fee? What are your thoughts?

We also need more exposure and promotion. Yeah!? 😒. This one is not a big deal, it’s something we can sort out, but, we can’t just predict Google Algorithm. Anyways!

In the end though, we are not closing down! No! We move as conquerors! Tell your friends to tell your friends about out contest. Also, of you’ve not followed our blog yet, you have to. NOW! 🙏

From this month, we will be giving written feedback to all our contest submissions. So, even if you don’t win, you get a written edited feedback to help you do better next time. 🤗

Thanks for reading to the end. We owe you more good contents. For now, Subscribe to our blog. We need workers 😩, if interested, just send us an email: info@dandywriters.com