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DANDY WRITERS is a Writing Platform/Marketplace that connects clients to expert writers, envisioned towards initiating the global impact of Writing in one central location. We are fortified with experienced and distinctive writers with a demonstrated history of working in the Writing and Editing industry. Skilled in Editing/Reviewing, Creative Writing, Article/Content Writing, Professional Writing, Poetry Writing, Screenwriting/Screenplay, Book Writing, Business Writing, CV/Resume Creation, Writing Tutoring and lots more writing services. We are endowed with strong global support professionals with excellent certifications focused on Creative Writing from prestigious and worthy resources.

Our Services

Content Writing

We write contents of various forms. Articles, blog posts, stories or niche content, copywriting, essay writing, ghostwriting, and more for your brand, company, blog, website, business, etc. We are here to settle the writing aspect of your stress. We give you the apex of a writing standard in quality, dexterity, affordability and professionalism.

Editing & Proofreading

You might have written some works that need professional editing, review and/or proofreading. DANDY WRITERS are here to help you achieve the best out of your work. We review content stringently and with professional touch to expose your wrongs, correct them and make them perfect. Give us a try, whether it is poems, stories, essays, college application statements, business proposals and many more. The best part is it is free or almost free!

Script Writing

Do you run a Youtube channel or create content online? Is your business about to run a commercial Ad? We can write Youtube video scripts, TV commercial scripts and Radio scripts. If you’re a movie production studio, agents, pitchers, directors, producers, actors/actresses and other crew, we invite you to our world of movie collections. Our world of movie collections comprises screenplays and movie ideas. We also offer script writing and TV screenwriting services. Maybe we could be holding your key to the next blockbuster hit. Check us out! Our script writers are available for hire….

College Writing & Tutoring

Are you a student who needs more skills in knowledge of writing to enhance your technique in college essays, personal statements or college-specific essays? You may be a writer, blogger or any individual(s) who desires more writing refined ability to foster your administration. We can be of help. We offer intensive, avid and comprehensive writing tutorials for people like you. It is personalized, and you’re being assigned one of our reputable writers to equip you with almost all you need to have to be a deemed writer.

Business Writing

Are you a business organization, enterprise, brand, individual or agency that needs help in writing business plans, press releases, schedules and proposals? We’ve got you covered. We create undoubtedly comprehensive, innovative, compelling, attractive, and inviting business plans and proposals that’d contract your target to you at ease. Well formatted to be expertise and distinctive. We also help with rèsumès, CVs and cover letters to enhance your chances of getting hired.


Have something in mind but needs a writer to implement your idea? We will help you write your novels, books, journals, news, etc., for you.

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Since we opened in 2021, we’ve successfully provided over 500 top-notch content.


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Year on year, we have consistently produced the results clients look for.

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“I never believed I would be a good writer. After my personalized writing tutoring with my assigned writer, I am now writing my first book.”

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“At first I was in doubt, but after their service, I can confidently say they are the best amongst others. My business speech and proposal was perfect.”

Eric. Sampson

We hired a scriptwriter for out Youtube Channel, Service was superb! Fast, Simple & Top-notch! They met our demands.


“Dandy Writers is so seamless. I was able to upsurge my resume, cover letter and portfolio. My assigned writer was so helpful.”

Steve Paul

“The description copies for my product is impeccable. Unmatched marketing writing skill!.”

John Edward

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